woensdag 5 januari 2011

the grocery store.

let love rule the world. be a tiger. read more books. handle careless and yet efficient. buy the right shoes. buy some more. same with clothes. underwear. books. music. gifts. plants. cards. food. maquillage. expensive jewellry. do not feel guilt. of any kind. write more words. kiss. be bold and cheerful. walk. cherish the moment. do not ponder. photograph. swim. absorb knowledge. cook. spread the food. decide. be. on time. smile. be impulsive. leave the afterthought. watch more movies. talk. meet. touch. inhale the fun. exhale the exclamation mark. be patient. drive even faster. tolerate the taste of coffee. scribble. if possible. draw. get inspired. if necessary. be an inspiration. travel. get lost. be found. dance. make money. and love.


                            and above all. fuck 2010. happy 2011.

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